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Rapids Volunteer Fire Company


Welcome Statue of Liberty


The Rapids Volunteer Fire Company, founded in 1935, is in the hamlet of Rapids in the Town Of  Lockport. We protect portions of three towns (Lockport, Royalton and Clarence Center) spanning two counties (Niagara and Erie). Our main hall is located at 7195 Plank Road and our station 2 is at 6131 Old Beattie.  We currently have 2 ambulances, 1 tanker, 3 pumpers, a grass truck and a light rescue vehicle, allowing us to cover fire, rescue and EMS.  We average approximately 800-900 calls per year. 

We currently have 52 active qualified firefighters and ems  personel in our fire company, and are always welcoming new members to join. We are all volunteers and put many hours into helping our community, as well as working our full time jobs.  Any  one interested in joining , please contact us at rvfdffjohnson@yahoo.com or call 434-4502. The members are as follows:
Paul Ast                - president ff/ emt/ fp / training officer
Wayne Balcerzak   - ff smoke diver
Fred Baldwin          - ff
Jason Baldwin        - ff / water rescue / smoke diver
Laverne Bowen       - Treasurer ff / fp  (past chief)
John Bowman Jr     - ff
Dawn Caldwell        - ff /emt
Brian Carpenter      - ff
Denise Chamberlin - ff / emt / fp / corespondence secretary
Ray Coyle             - ff / aemt / smoke diver
Annette Depriest    - ff / emt / points secretary / water rescue / fp
Steve Depriest       - ff / fp / water rescue
Mike Dudkowski    - 3rd asst chief ff / emtp
Kelly  Ess             - ff / emt
Mike Fink              - ff / recording secretary / water rescue / smoke diver
Chris Fly               - ff / fp
Joe Fries              - 1st asst chief ff/emt/ fp / fire investigator (past chief)
Clarence Fry          - ff / fp
Kevin Fry               - ff / fp
Michael Furlong     - ff / fp
Dave Gagliardi       -ff
Don Gick               - ff / fp / safety officer / search and rescue / water rescue
Sharon Gick          - fire police capt / ff / search and rescue
Richard Hake         - ff / fp
Leanne Anderson   - ff
Robert Henn          - ff / fp / emt / smoke diver
Trevor Hollenbeck  - ff / smoke diver  (past asst chief)
Brett Johnson        - ff / Web Master
Barry Kobrin          - CHIEF  ff / aemt / fire investigator / cpr/ aed instructor / water rescue / search and recovery/ fp / training officer / Web Master
Jason Kobrin         - rescue capt./  ff / emt / water rescue
Heather Kobrin      - ff  water rescue vice president
Mike McCarthy      - fp
Richard Newton      - director ff / fp / emt /
Steve O'Mara         - ff/ emt
Harold Pless         - ff
Herb Roeser         - chaplain   ff / fp
Gene Romig         - fp/ lt  water rescue (past asst chief)
John Roos            - ff / fp
John Skutt            - ff / fp
Jason Smith         - ff  smoke diver
Joe Smith             - ff
Elmer Thoman     - director  ff / fp  building and grounds officer
Ed Toner             - chief truck lt. ff / water rescue / fp
Kevin Warner       - ff / fp
Adam Wick         - ff / fp  smoke diver truck lt 
Brian  Wick         - ff/ emt / smoke diver
Philip Wick          - 4th asst. chief /ff / fp   smoke diver truck lt / water rescue
Ron Wick            - ff / fp  (past chief)
Larry Wills          - director / ff / fp  (past chief)
Ray Wills            - ff / fp  (past chief)
Ron Wills            - 2nd. asst. chief fp lt / ff (past chief)
Waite Wittlinger   - ff / fp (past chief)
Roger Yurek        - ff/ fp/ smoke diver/ emt

Fire fighters equipment

What's New?
  Our fire company would like to welcome the Venture Crew 3219 Jr. Firefighters to the company. The Jr. Firefighters was established to give young kids under 18 yrs of age the open ability to see what fire and rescue volunteers do. Its designed so that they gain knowledge of volunteering so that when they do become of age they are ready to beging there adventures as a true fire and rescue volunteer. We welcome new intrest to join in on the training experiance for our uprising children and soon to be the adults of the future. For more information visit the Jr. firefighters Venture Crew 3219 website at:  http://rvfcvc3219.tripod.com.
  We have recently added on at our main hall. The addition includes 3 offices, a training classroom, a club room for our exempt members, a physical fitness room, and a storage garage.